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Tandem two stage screw air compressor

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[Product name:Tandem Two-Stage Screw Air Compressor]




  • High efficiency
  • High energy saving
  • High reliability
ELGI offers tandem screw compressor to help industries reduce their operating and energy costs.
It is a two-stage compressor,having energy efficiency as the key feature. The compression is done in two-stages to improve the volumetric efficiency and thereby contributing to decrease in power consumption and increase in saving energy. Tandem air compressors consume 8-12% less power and offer a return on investment within 8-15 months when compared to single-stage compressors.

A sing-stage compressor at a discharge pressure of 9 bar,has a compression ratio of 1:9 (Ratio of Suction to Discharge of a Screw Airend) In a two-stage compressor operating at the same discharge pressure,the compression ratio is divided between the two stages of tandem airend and is about 1:3 in each stage. This makes the airend more reliable and efficient due top smaller loads on the bearings. The volumetric efficiency of two-stage is better than single-stage compression.

[Dual control mode]

Auto dual control,operates on modulation mode from 100-60% loading and in load-unload mode for loads below 60%.
  • Constant pressure due to gradual opening or closing of suction valve with respect to demand (multi-point control).
  • Option for selecting load-unload / modulation auto dual mode for all large screw compressor models as a standard feature.
  • Smooth operation by modulation ensures longer life of airend,valves and all mechanical components.It also ensures no sudden spikes or drop in line pressure.
  • Lowest power consumption in its class of compressor controls,even with fluctuating loads.
[Microcontroller Edge]

As a kind of advanced embedded control solutions,intelligent Controller is a customized and manufactured products,its characteristics and functions in the control of the product with a wide range of application. The user interface using LCD back light technology,simple and intuitive,the "sing language" suitable for the EG market without considering the area differences.
ELGI can provide all kinds of system solutions,including efficiency control and product analysis and the use of industrial grade RS485 network of local remote monitoring system.

  • EG configuration,symbolic language philosophy
  • Customized and configurable I/O
  • Frequency control technology using the best speed technology
  • Compatible multi-frequency system
  • Integrated emergency shutdown output isolation
  • Exhaust pressure transmitter and pressure transmitter(optional),the monitoring pressure
  • Management and monitoring system,suitable for the network
  • Real time clock,options,the pressure time scale control


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Tandem two stage screw air compressor

Tandem two stage screw air compressor