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ELGi screw air compressor

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[ELGi screw air compressor]

[Power range : 11 - 160 kw]

[Product features]

- Energy efficient

  • Precise rotor clearances for best in class energy efficiency
  • Low operating speeds for long life,low maintenance and low sound level
  • Complies with applicable safety standards

- Reduced starting load

  • The new generation intake valve with integrated blow down unit,solenoid controls and actuators is designed for low losses.Intake valve optimally controls the compressor capacity during startup reducing the no-load power.This optimal capacity control results in direct savings on power consumption.

- Performance control system

  • User-friendly and intuitive display has back light for easy reading.
  • Remote monitoring capacity through RS485 connection.
  • Easy to install,configure,fine tune and also to remove if necessary.
  • In compliance with CE,UL,cUL and GOST R
  • Optimal pressure sensors monitor compressor internal pressure differences to optimize compressor maintenance.
  • Navigation is done through ergonomically arranged key switch panels.
  • Supports multiple languages.
  • Better network responsiveness when compared to conventional network protocols such as MODUBUS.
  • Designed for arduous condition.

- Safety and protection: EG series compressors are designed and perfected to ensure highest level of safety for

  • Pressure regulating valve
  • High pressure
  • High temperature
  • Pressure relief valve
  • Phase order and single phase

- Eco Friendly.

- Extended life of air compressor.


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ELGi screw air compressor