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ELGi screw air compressor

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[Product name: ELGi en series screw air compressor]

[Product Description]

- Elgi's EN series screw air compressors are designed to encapsulate all functional components within a common housing. With its small footprint,high reliability and low maintenance requirements,the compressors are ideal for all industrial applications where size,efficiency and cost matter.

[Product description]

With UPTIME Assurance

- Encapsulated airend : The EN series compressors are fitted with Elgi's unique airend which encapsulates all major functional systems such as intake system,compression system and separation system within a common frame.

  • Energy efficient
  • Minimal pressure drop across the system
  • Compact
  • Silent

- Low cost of ownership


  • Space saving design
  • Powered by Elgi's energy-efficient eta-V rotor profiles
  • Zero leakage due to integration of components / conections
  • Fewer parts and connections require only minimum maintenance

Operatiional : Longer life of consumables

  • Efficient air filtration where air enters through pre-filtered enclosure.Cleaner suction air keeps the internal components of the compressor clean and maintainsiptimum cooling-efficiency
  • Low oil fill

Robust cooling system in high ambient temperature

  • Air cooling in separate hot and cold zones
  • High efficiency coolers and cooling fans ensure low operating temperature
  • Improved cooling ensures logner life of compressor

- Electrial system

  • Motor : High efficiency TEFC / Super E / IP55 motor suited for ambient temperature up to 115˚F
  • Built-in safety system


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ELGi screw air compressor